Atlassian JIRA和JIRA插件

JIRA License信息

JIRA v6.3.6

版权所有 © 2002 - 2014 Atlassian Corporation Pty Ltd.


本产品包含了由 Apache 软件基金会开发的软件。




JIRA Agile v6.3.13.1

Copyright © 2002 - 2013 Atlassian Corporation Pty Ltd.

The use of this plugin is subject to the terms of the Atlassian End User Agreement, unless other specified therein.

This plugin includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation.

该插件包含GNU LGPL许可证所涵盖的以下库:


This plugin also includes code written by other third parties.

Additional details regarding these and other third party code included in this plugin, including applicable copyright, legal and licensing notices, are available in the "licenses" directory inside the plugin.